Quorum Robotics Relaunches as Quorum AI, Welcomes Verena Fink

Quorum Robotics Relaunches as Quorum AI and Welcomes Verena Fink as Co-Founder and Communications Director

SAN FRANCISCO – Quorum Robotics, which develops real-time, distributed artificial intelligence software, today announced its relaunch as Quorum AI. As part of this relaunch, the company will shift its focus to development and licensing of their Engram AI Engine for on-device and on-premise AI applications. The Engram AI Engine, which was previously developed for robotics control software, uses proprietary algorithms and architectures based on neuroscience research, learning the same way that the brain learns.

“The Engram AI Engine is capable of learning from any data source that we feed into it,” said Noah Schwartz, CEO of Quorum AI. “We realized that robotics control was just one of many ways that the AI engine could be used. We are excited to shift our full effort into growing the Engram AI Engine and integration tools.”

Quorum AI also announced the appointment of Verena Fink as Co-Founder and Communications Director. In this role, she will lead Quorum AI’s communications efforts and guide the company’s education and outreach about AI-related topics. Fink will also drive Quorum AI’s business development efforts in Europe. Fink was previously Head of Public Affairs for MTV Europe. Prior to that, she worked at QVC, where she held the roles of Chief Press Officer and Director of Customer Care.

“We have seen many businesses in Europe that are reluctant to adopt AI because of concerns around data privacy and whether the AI can generate real value for the business as a whole. The Engram AI Engine is unique because its operations are transparent and easy to understand — it is not a black box like other AI systems,” said Fink. “We feel this quality will be a tremendous asset as we look ahead to new data protection policies that are currently being developed in Europe, and I am excited to help lead our effort.”

ABOUT QUORUM AI: Quorum AI (@QuorumAI), based in San Francisco, is a SaaS platform for artificial intelligence. Quorum AI uses proprietary algorithms and architectures that imitate how the brain encodes and learns information, resulting in unprecedented efficiency, flexibility, and transparency, enabling users to deploy AI to any device and in any environment. For more information, visit http://quorum.ai/.

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