Quorum AI Recognized as One of the Top Global Companies Leading the Revolution in Artificial Intelligence

Quorum AI Recognized Alongside International Business Titans Embracing Artificial Intelligence

Founder Noah Schwartz Profiled With Global CEOs, AI Thought Leaders

SAN FRANCISCO – Quorum AI was recognized today as one of the top thirteen global companies that are leading the revolution in Artificial Intelligence. DUB ENTREPRENEURS Magazine, through the German Business Exchange – the largest independent marketplace for the purchase and sale of companies in German-speaking areas, profiled executives at global leaders in technology, finance, retail, telecommunications and automotive fields who are using Artificial Intelligence to transform their industries.

Schwartz discusses with DUB how AI will change traditional industries beyond mere automation and analytical insights by personalizing the AI to the individual. He notes that, “the intelligent car can do more than just drive, it can turn the passenger into a potential consumer [for any goods or services that the car manufacturer wants to deliver].”

Quorum AI is considered to be at the forefront of personalized AI because of its core technology, the Engram AI Engine. Engram is a self-training AI system that learns in realtime as data is being received. This efficiency shortens the time between data collection and actionable insight, enabling the AI to be more personal and more reactive.

“AI is going to be transformative in ways that go beyond existing industries and enterprises,” said Schwartz. “The future of AI is about holistic, seamless integration of life and technology, not just automating things we already do. We are building our platform with that future in mind to gain a headstart on what’s over the AI horizon.”

Read the full profile in DUB online.

ABOUT QUORUM AI: Quorum AI (@QuorumAI), based in San Francisco, is a SaaS platform for artificial intelligence. Quorum AI uses proprietary algorithms and architectures that imitate how the brain encodes and learns information, resulting in unprecedented efficiency, flexibility, and transparency, that enables users to deploy AI to any device and in any environment. For more information, visit https://quorum.ai.

About DUB ENTREPRENEURS: The German business exchange DUB.de is the home for entrepreneurs and managing directors. DUB is the portal with successor exchange, franchise portal, consulting marketplace and entrepreneurial knowledge. Together with the Handelsblatt, DUB.de reaches over 800,000 readers and is the market area on which entrepreneurs can meet with company successors and managing directors as well as franchise systems with franchisees.

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