Quorum AI Featured in Com! Professional Article about Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing

Quorum AI Featured in Com! Professional Article about Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing

SAN FRANCISCO – Quorum AI was featured in a com! professional article about the challenges and opportunities around artificial intelligence in edge computing. com! professional is the leading German-language publication providing technology professionals and administrators with the latest news and innovations in hardware, software and infrastructure. In the article, Quorum AI CEO Noah Schwartz discusses how current AI methods limit how and where AI-based technologies can be deployed, as well as solutions to this problem.

“Most of the AI services we use today are basically designed as monolithic, centralized systems,” said Schwartz. “This means that a single model is trained using a single [set of data] to perform a specific task. The more complex the task, the more complex the architecture and the larger the required data set.” This presents challenges when using AI on edge devices like smartphones and IoT systems where computing resources are relatively scarce. As a result, Schwartz explains, most edge devices “only serve to collect data” that is then relayed to a cloud-based AI system.

According to the article, these limitations are well-known in the AI industry, and there is a consensus among AI experts that existing methods, when deployed to edge-based devices, suffer systemic weaknesses such as increases in latency, cost, and bandwidth, and decreases in security and privacy.

The article explains how overcoming these challenges is a high priority for AI developers, and doing so could lower the cost of AI deployments while also increasing the speed and efficiency of the AI system itself. “[Putting AI on the edge device] shortens the time between data collection and the return of useful insights,” said Schwartz. Also, storage and computing requirements are reduced because data no longer need to be stored, “at least not in the amounts required by traditional AI methods.”

Quorum AI addresses many of these challenges with the Engram AI Engine, currently available through their closed beta development program. The Engram AI Engine is a stand-alone AI system, capable of running on any device and in any environment, including edge-based devices. Using Quorum AI’s platform toolkit, Engram-powered systems can connect directly to one another to learn and share data without needing to communicate through cloud-based servers.

Developers who are interested in learning more about the Engram AI Engine, including participation in the beta development program, are encouraged to contact Quorum AI through their website at https://quorum.ai/contact.

Read the full article at com! professional online.

ABOUT QUORUM AI: Quorum AI (@QuorumAI), based in San Francisco, is a SaaS platform for artificial intelligence. Quorum AI uses proprietary algorithms and architectures that imitate how the brain encodes and learns information, resulting in unprecedented efficiency, flexibility, and transparency, that enables users to deploy AI to any device and in any environment. For more information, visit https://quorum.ai.

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