Forbes Recognizes Quorum AI as a Pioneer in Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence

Forbes Recognizes Quorum AI as a Pioneer in Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence

SAN FRANCISCO – Quorum AI has been recognized by Forbes as one of the leading pioneers of Distributed Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, a technology that, it is believed, will pave the way for super-powerful Artificial General Intelligence. The two-part article explores different types of distributed AI and explains how they differ from traditional AI methods like Deep Learning. Quorum AI is named as one of seven companies that are pioneering in the distributed AI space.

“Quorum AI has been focused on distributed AI since the beginning, back in 2013,” said CEO Noah Schwartz. “We recognized there were fundamental limitations to Deep Learning and other monolithic AI techniques, and we saw that distributed AI provided a solution for those problems.”

Quorum AI’s approach is based on its core products, the Engram AI Engine and the EVA Platform, or the Environment for Virtual Agents. Unlike traditional AI methods that employ a large network to perform a single task, Quorum AI software divides the task among many smaller, Engram-powered networks, also known as agents. These agents interact with one another on the EVA Platform to optimize themselves for a variety of tasks, including tasks that the system has not been explicitly trained to perform.

“If you think of traditional AI as carving a house from a single block of stone, our approach is to build the same house using individual bricks,” Schwartz explains. “This approach makes it much easier to build the house. And once built, it’s easier to modify the house for different purposes or to inspect and replace individual bricks as needed.”

Engram and the EVA Platform are currently available only to Quorum AI customers. Parties interested in using Quorum AI products or working with the EVA Platform can contact Quorum AI through their website at

Read the full article at Forbes online: Part I, Part II.

ABOUT QUORUM AI: Quorum AI (@QuorumAI), based in San Francisco, is a SaaS platform for artificial intelligence. Quorum AI uses proprietary algorithms and architectures that imitate how the brain encodes and learns information, resulting in unprecedented efficiency, flexibility, and transparency, and enabling users to deploy AI to any device and in any environment. For more information, visit

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