quorum ai develops real-time, distributed
artificial intelligence for all devices and all platforms


We are a team of computer scientists, neuroscientists, and engineers who are passionate about artificial intelligence and developing solutions that enable your devices to work more intelligently for you, to help you make the most of our interconnected world.

We believe in the AI of tomorrow -- AI that is efficient, flexible, private, and transparent. We believe that AI should meet the needs of the user without compromise, and we build every product with this mission in mind.

Finally, and most importantly, we believe in AI that meets the needs of all people, empowering without exploiting, and serving without bias, to achieve our shared goals ethically and responsibly, to improve the human condition and enrich the human experience.

Noah Schwartz, PhD
Co-Founder & CEO
Noah is our AI systems architect. Prior to founding Quorum, Noah spent 12 years in academic research, first at the University of Southern California and most recently at Northwestern as the Assistant Chair of Neurobiology. His work focused on information processing in the brain and he has translated his research into products in augmented reality, brain-computer interfaces, computer vision, and embedded robotics control systems.